Ju Jitsu v’s Judo

Both of these martial arts systems are great forms of martial arts and yes, they are related. Ju Jitsu originated in Japan.  The traditional martial arts of Ju Jitsu evolved in japan along 2 main lines. That which was designed and used on the battle fields, the empty hand techniques were a supplement to the…

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Ju Jitsu Mums.

The modern-day mum has a lot to take on. The days of the stay at home mum is an out dated model as more and more mothers are continuing to contribute to and remain in the work force as best as they can. Supported by their partners and a healthy dose of sheer will, mums…

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Why is Northstar Ju Jitsu referred to the art of peace

Northstar Ju Jitsu the art of peace

Why is Northstar Ju Jitsu referred to the art of peace when the techniques you learn are designed to hurt some one? My perception of martial arts prior to joining Northstar Ju Jitsu had been that it contained a lot of aggression and violence. This was very different from my character and therefore I had…

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Is my child learning enough?

Is my child learning enough? From time to time we get enquiries from recently joined members that are concerned that their child is not getting their technique corrected as much as they think is necessary. In order to address those concerns, I have written the following blog post. We have a system that I like…

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What’s missing from modern Ju Jitsu.

What’s missing from modern Ju Jitsu? Off the bat, I use the Ju Jitsu spelling for modern Ju Jitsu because it is easier for people to read and say. The correct translation from the Japanese calligraphy is in fact “Ju Jutsu”. It is not Jiu Jitsu or any other interpretation that people use. Modern Ju…

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Martial Arts and Fighting.

Martial arts and fighting

Martial arts and fighting I remember starting martial Arts because I believed it was the answer to my fear of fighting and being bullied. It did not matter that I was 17, 183cm and 90kg, I was still very insecure. Learning martial arts did give me so much confidence, in fact probably too much. Back…

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Martial Arts in Sydney

Martial arts sydney

Martial arts in Sydney I was in the US a couple of weeks ago and I was invited to attend one of the premier American Martial Arts competitions, The Battle of Atlanta. This was an honour as it was the 50th anniversary of the event, so it was attended by American Martial Arts so called…

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