Martial Arts near me.

martial arts near me

As parents we definitely want what is the best for our children. As adults we race from pillar to post, juggling work, family, friends and we want to stay fit and healthy. The time that we have allocated for ourselves tends to be the last priority. I try to have my time each morning from…

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Is my child learning enough?

Is my child learning enough? From time to time we get enquiries from recently joined members that are concerned that their child is not getting their technique corrected as much as they think is necessary. In order to address those concerns, I have written the following blog post. We have a system that I like…

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Martial Arts for kids

The after school activity that will empower, install confidence and teach tolerance. Let’s face it, the most that a child really knows about martial arts for kids is from watching Kung Fu Panda or the latest version of Karate Kid. Even parents just have a vague understanding of martial arts for kids and especially what…

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Getting a Black Belt

Before I commenced my current dojo; Northstar, I was employed full time and also ran a dojo called Fight Club, and you probably guessed right as it seemed to attract only fit men between the ages of 17 and 25. It was a fighting dojo and reflected the stage that I was at with my…

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The best style for self defence. Judo, Boxing or MMA?

The best style for self defence Over the weekend, I kind of over dosed on fighting sports. I watched the incredible destructive power of the current world champion heavy weight boxers. Apparently, the heavy weight competition is the best that it has been in years. The ruthless knock outs that I watched by these destructive…

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Martial Arts and Fighting.

Martial arts and fighting

Martial arts and fighting I remember starting martial Arts because I believed it was the answer to my fear of fighting and being bullied. It did not matter that I was 17, 183cm and 90kg, I was still very insecure. Learning martial arts did give me so much confidence, in fact probably too much. Back…

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