This may well be the most important blog post that I have written.

By Andy Dickinson

I must say first up that I am not a doctor and do not give you any advise on what you should do. One thing that I have learned is…

Drawing your sword?

By Andy Dickinson

How do we use the timeless wisdom of the samurai warrior in our everyday life and how can their violent ways be of use to us hundreds of years after…

Living a disciplined life

By Andy Dickinson

This is one of the chapters from my new book: A warrior must live a disciplined life. Unless you live a disciplined life, it’s too easy to get involved with…

Where the police a little rough?

By Andy Dickinson

There is no doubt that the police were a little rough on the 95-year-old in the nursing home. From what I can make out is this innocent woman with dementia…

To kill or not to kill.

By Andy Dickinson

It is interesting to watch the USA media as the law agencies arrest a 24 your old ex marine for choking and killing a homeless man on the New York…

The covid hang over.

By Andy Dickinson

Are you still hanging onto the past? I certainly would not hold it against you if you were? Covid, the big unknown just smashed the world from the very beginning.…

The Perfect Student.

By Andy Dickinson

Steve and Sarah are my perfect students. They may not work for themselves, but they dream of getting ahead and providing for their family. They are hard workers that are…

Training online.

By Andy Dickinson

There is no doubt that training online has its advantages. You can do courses, any courses that would have required you travel thousands of miles to attend in person. You…

Winter Camp 2023.

By Andy Dickinson

Winter Camp. 21st May 2023. Winter Camp is open to all levels of Northstar Jujitsu practitioners and focuses on the core techniques of Jujitsu. Participants will be able to participate…

The importance of repetition and training every day.

By Andy Dickinson

The importance of repetition and training every day. Well, the year has officially begun. With Australia day over and schools going back this week, it is all forward into the…

I have found these courses essential for perfecting my technique. Along with my practice in the Dojo, my training has become a more well rounded experience over all. I can learn at my own pace at home. With the well structured videos it leaves no questions unanswered. I’ve also found them invaluable before grading.

Keith Hennessy

Ju Jitsu Yellow Belt Course

The one-on-one sessions with Andy Sensei are fantastic as he takes the time to meet his students, review their form and provide constructive feedback. All you need is space, time and the self-discipline to train.

I cannot recommend this enough!

James French

NSJJ Mastery Academy

Doing these tutorials is extremely helpful, particularly for the higher belt grades as complexity of the self and multiple defences increase significantly. You get the most out of the dojo sessions if you study the curriculum at home and just have to practice the application in class – this way you get confident for the grading in no time!

Jonas Schoefer

Ju Jitsu Brown Belt