Where will your martial arts training go?


Where will your martial arts training go? If you keep training, doing gradings, competitions is there a point that you wonder what it is all for? May be you don’t get that far, the body gives in before the mind says; okay what’s next. This simple question; what’s next? Is where the wheels fall off. So many older martial artists, start to wonder about their grey hair whilst still trying to put on the angry face of their earlier years. Still trying to find the elusive self defence technique that they have been searching for earnestly for many years. Then all of a sudden, they think they have found it. By going back to the beginning, completely renouncing there 30 years of training and starting again as a white belt. To them, they are simply avoiding the pain because they have no answer to where there martial arts is taking them. It’s not their fault. There is no one to show them and there was no one to show their teachers.

I see it over and over again. The lost martial artist will walk right up to the door, and will almost walk through it, only to baulk on the threshold as it just feels too over whelming.  So, they run, yes run away from that doorway, as they could not stomach to walk through, after having a peak.  So they then join the hordes of martial artists with the only place to go to is with each other. Then they start new associations and award each other even more certificates and belts a temporary soothing balm, that will only mask the void in their training as they continue to avoid their biggest opponent, themselves.

WE often use the words, body mind and spirit in martial arts. Most think that the spirit is just training hard and keep getting up. Yes this is one aspect of spirit, and certainly is there in bucket loads if you are challenging yourself during training.  But that is not the spirit which will take you to yourself. Once on the inner journey, you have no choice but to ask yourself the deeper questions of what it is that you believe. Who am I? If I take away all of my belts, certificates and grades, who will I be? Am I my thoughts? Do my thoughts serve me? And the big one; What can I do with the experience that I have had in martial ats to serve humanity and then really make a difference.

I was presented with a 10th Dan in Samurai Ju Jitsu Association and a 10th Dan in Nippon Dai Aiki Ji Jitsu. Though I’ m honoured and really appreciate the thought, it is just an example of the void that presents itself with in the older more experienced martial arts teachers.

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