Drawing your sword?

How do we use the timeless wisdom of the samurai warrior in our everyday life and how can their violent ways be of use to us hundreds of years after they lived? As martial artists, we can easily become detached from the lessons of the samurai if we do not practise them and integrate them…

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Becoming a spiritual warrior 

spiritual warrior

Becoming a spiritual warrior Take me to Meditation pure and simple. We as humans, reflect our inner world onto our outer world. How we run our lives is in direct association with what we think. The world will never change whilst we as individuals continue to think, act and desire what’s in it for me.…

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Martial Arts and Ego

martial arts and ego

Martial arts and ego Right from the get go, it must be said that we all have an ego. It is part of what makes us who we are. The ego is only one facet of the mind but it rules the roost when out of control. An ego is out of control when there…

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