Becoming a spiritual warrior 

spiritual warrior

Becoming a spiritual warrior

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We as humans, reflect our inner world onto our outer world. How we run our lives is in direct association with what we think. The world will never change whilst we as individuals continue to think, act and desire what’s in it for me. Choosing to go inside, that is to meditate, seek therapy and study the scriptures is the beginning of an inward journey

Choosing to go inside and meditate is not for the faint hearted. You will come face to face with your biggest opponent, yourself. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are laid bare in front of you. Becoming a spiritual warrior is about developing the courage to look at the many things that you thought were a reality for you, taking ownership of them, and changing for the better.

I used to have a lot of anger and was quite jealous of others success. I was short tempered and impatient. Over the years I have been meditating, by just taking the focus off my thoughts as the driver and watching them against a backdrop of conscious awareness the power of the negative behaviour has lost its impact. The thing is, I did not just replace one thought with another as this never works. In martial arts there is a saying that the sword cannot cut itself. This basically means that the thinking-ego mind cannot change by adding more thinking as it in itself is the source of the problem.

Just learning to meditate is not the answer either. This, if you are not careful can become just another pattern of thinking. The ego-mind is very sneaky so you constantly need to refresh by auditing your behaviour, questioning your motives and asking if this way of thinking still serves you. This takes courage and effort. A leopard may never change its spots but real and lasting change on the inside is possible.

So you have a choice. The world as we see it will only choose peace if we choose and live with peace inside ourselves. This by no means turning the other cheek, but creating the space in our lives to see that in every interaction we have a choice. The choice to act as we always have or to be the spiritual warrior and choose a response that makes you feel better and shows empathy for the other.

Welcome to a different world. Choose peace.


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