Drawing your sword?


How do we use the timeless wisdom of the samurai warrior in our everyday life and how can their violent ways be of use to us hundreds of years after they lived?

As martial artists, we can easily become detached from the lessons of the samurai if we do not practise them and integrate them into our lives, daily.

The simple move of not drawing your sword may sound quite easy, but it is not. The deep down ingrained desire to want to justify your place or opinion can very quickly ruin your life. Your ego has plenty to do with this. It takes a sense of confidence in who you are and what you stand for. The question arises, who will I be, what will I be if I choose to just let go and walk away. Well, none of that matters. That is all just stuff of the mind. When my teacher asked me who am I? My life changed. I had a deep understanding that I was not my thoughts.

The samurai would only draw his sword when he intends to use it. And to use it means to cut an to cut means to kill.

So in essence, The only time a samurai would draw his sword was if he intends to kill.

If you use that as a metaphor for us as martial artists, I liken the drawing of your sword to raising a fist or fists. So if you raise your fists you are drawing your sword and you had better to be willing to go all the way. Raising your fists needs to be, no, must be your choice and a conscious choice.

The stoic samurai, when faced with this choice in peace would just stroll away unruffled, sword kept firmly in the scabbard, head high, no loss of face. We cannot let emotions or alcohol control us. We must always be the master of our choices and use the samurai lessons in everyday life. No matter what is said to you, take a breath, have a look and then YOU MUST walk away.

If you say a smart ass comment, or a simple  push, you are drawing your sword, and you may not even realise it. Your life can change in that instant.

You have an awesome life ahead of you, don’t waste it  by getting drawn into mindless and unproductive  confrontation. You are so much better than that.

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