Are martial arts good for children?

There is no doubt that we have a huge responsibility in making sure we teach the children to the best of our ability. I have always been a stickler in ensuring that even the youngest children learn effective personal protection skills. So many martial arts for children programs are game heavy and just because the…

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Captain of your own ship

By choosing to train online, you get an element of flexibility to be able to create your own martial arts experience that you do not get if you attend a physical studio. All the belt information is set and for many there is a grading if you want to progress to the next belt. You…

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Martial Arts in Sydney

Martial arts sydney

Martial arts in Sydney I was in the US a couple of weeks ago and I was invited to attend one of the premier American Martial Arts competitions, The Battle of Atlanta. This was an honour as it was the 50th anniversary of the event, so it was attended by American Martial Arts so called…

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