How to optimise your online work out.

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I have a program on my elliptical stepper call “i fit.” It has trainers from all over the world running or walking with me, motivating me as best they can. It is great to train in locations that have spectacular scenery.  Last week I ran in Lumpinee park in Bangkok, power walked in Cairns and ran in Colorado.

Quite often I forget where I am, but the trainer forever the motivator seems to know that my attention is wondering. I really enjoy the challenge of these work outs. The only problem is, they work me hard but fail to give me a tangible result, other that getting me fit. The price tag is a little hefty as well. $51 AUD foe a month. If you train on the Northstar Academy, the cost is only $19.95 per month.

Set up your online work out. You can use the 15-20 minute, trainer lead class, and  also substitute these with classes from the summer and winter camps and my private lessons. I know that there is repetition and that is exactly what is required to get proficient at NorthStar Ju Jitsu. For each belt there is a kickboxing component and ground work component. Although for the first 3 belts we do not focus on grappling, I have included what I call maintenance  ground defence for you to do whilst you focus on the white, yellow and green tip syllabus.

The 2 and 3 minute rounds are a vital part of your work out. Just to hit something and feel the resistance of a target is vital. If you can purchase a punching bag. And a grappling dummy, to support your training. These can really enhance your work out quality. Added into each belt is your push ups, sit ups and squats. 3 fundamental exercises, that will condition you and get you strong supple and in the shape of your life.

Add in a warm down stretch, one of the short meditations, and you have a complete work out for body, mind and spirit.

Quite often I have ex students and also current students that used to supscribe for the online programs, only to realise they have expired. The thing is, all the courses other than the Mastery Academy Subscription only have a shelf life of 12 months. If you want to have on going access to the NSJJ files then you will need to subscribe. The academy is a platform that relies on your support.

The small monthly fee  that you pay, enables me to work on and upgrade new courses, talks and an entire range of martial arts topics and enabling it to be a vital martial arts hub, rarely seen, any where else. You can then opt on and off as you see fit, Much like Netflix. The only problem is, if you have suspended your subscription longer than 12 months, you will need to be a student of a NSJJ dojo, to re access your mastery subscription.

At present I am going through the Mastery Academy and checking the content. It really is an awesome portal for living an extraordinary like.

Northstar Ju Jitsu

Northstar Ju Jitsu is also taught by senior Black Belts at their own studios'.

These are independently run from the Headquarters .Andy Dickinson Sensei is the head of and founder of Northstar Ju Jitsu and oversees the teaching of his program.

All Black Belts are graded by Andy Dickinson Sensei.