Is my child learning enough?


Is my child learning enough?

From time to time we get enquiries from recently joined members that are concerned that their child is not getting their technique corrected as much as they think is necessary. In order to address those concerns, I have written the following blog post.

We have a system that I like to refer to as “touch and go.” What that means is the trainer will quickly adjust the student but not interrupt the continuity of the class by over doing the correction. I use the saying: 5 minutes to learn and a life time to master. What this means is the student will do the technique based on their age, size and physical ability (not compared to others, as every child is totally unique), learn enough so that they can at least enjoy the rhythm of the class, and over a period of weeks, months and years, by slowly adjusting the student’s technique, by the time they are ready for Junior Black Belt, they are well on their way.

You see, we are in the confidence and self-esteem business, and more than anything else, we want the children to feel good and for the class to be a positive experience. For the inexperienced trainer, over correcting only frustrates the child as they struggle to get it right.

I am happy with this process and the proof of the pudding, is at the gradings. The students are fresh on a Sunday morning and not distracted. They do their best to show the parents what they are learning. As parents we run the risk of our children learning too much too soon and over complicating things. The moves that the children learn are the same moves that I taught my son. Very simple, fun, easy to learn and above all effective. Over the years, I continue to watch the children in class, and I constantly assess as to whether we are getting the process right. If I did not think that this process was the correct path for the children, I would change it immediately.

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