Martial Arts and Depression


Martial Arts and Depression.

Several years ago I experienced depression and anxiety for the first time. It kind of snuck up on me and before I knew it I was stuck. I did recognize my situation pretty quickly and started a long healing process that continues to this day.

What I learned from this experience.

It takes courage to own up on mental health. But it’s worth it.

This can happen to any one at any time.

Depression is an illness and involves an imbalance of brain chemicals

Have a great physiatrist as part of your wellness team.

Many men and women over the age of 40 have undiagnosed mental health issues.

Physical exercise is a major part of managing depression and or anxiety but by itself is not enough.

Meditation and yoga play an important part in healing but by themselves are not enough.

Therapy plays an important part in healing, growing and personal well being. If you are interested in your personal/spiritual  growth find a great therapist. (Not for the faint hearted though).

Have great friends and family that you can share with. Be careful not to continually dump though.

The light at the end of the tunnel is not a train heading towards you.

Alcohol does not help.

How I maintain my mental health.

Knowing what my triggers are.

Having a great wellness team that you trust

Sharing with loved ones.

Exercising everyday

Meditating everyday

Being mindful as much as I remember

Maintaining a good balanced diet

Weekly therapy

Train in my martial arts daily

Keep stress to a minimum

Empower others.

Look for the good

Smile, laugh and love.

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