Start the year with a push.


Live a disciplined life. We all love our habits but the problem is, are they good for us? We as adults all understand the negative effects of eating too much sugar, smoking and drinking too much. But what about the habit of procrastination or laziness. The habit of time wasting, just watching year after year slip away as we make mindless promises to ourselves to change, which only lasts a week or so, before we are right back at the beginning.

We read how other people have won and by all intents are now reaping the rewards of a life just like you hoped yours would be. But in reality, their life is probably just as messed up as anyone else’s. We are not exempt and behave like ants on an ant hill. We have our lot in life and follow the same track, mentally, physically and emotionally every day, the same way, We all have our ant hills and we all have our tracks.

What you need to do is to be pushed or shoved from the side so you are forced to create a new track. We need to be in control of this. Because if it is done for us, yes, we have a new track but it may not be what we wanted. That is another blog post. The best way is when we bump ourselves and this takes the most discipline. But you can do it.

By reading this now you have already started the process. You have bumped yourself already. Now take it one step further, choose one thing that you have wanted to change. Let me help you. I will include one small black coffee in my eating plan each morning instead of the large soy flat white I currently drink. Or I will get up 15 minutes early each morning do a light stretch and practise my multiple defence, one to 3 times each.   Or, As part of my eating plan, I will drink 500ml of water to re hydrate as soon as I get up.

Make small changes, and embrace the small wins, use these wins to gain confidence to take on your next change of trail on the ant hill. Want to lose weight? Dieting is not the answer. Changing your diet is. Creating lifelong changes to your diet a little at a time, breaking the habit that has enslaved you if far more doable than making a huge dramatic cut to everything that you think needs to change.

By all means, you can do it this way and it might just be the shove you need in your life, but if you have tried this way and it does not last, then create a new track for yourself and try a new way. Another is exercise. Do you know what needs to done to get you where you want to be exercise wise?

Many of you know that I simply love the metaphor of the martial arts grading for achieving what ever you choose in life, it just works.  So, if you do not study martial arts you can access all of my lessons on the online Mastery Academy. Set your grading goals , you have all the resources that you need to go from white to black belt. Already training? I spent Christmas with my most long-term student, and she was telling me that, she misses not seeing me in the dojo. I told her that my focus is now making my teaching available to anyone any place. I feel very passionate about making my teachings accessible so they can be studied in any lock down anywhere in the world.

Overcoming many obstacles and limitations, I have designed the syllabus so you can move in small areas, you can train without a partner, and you can have direct access to me, by way of zoom, skype, and other medium. I am so proud of what I have created. Literally hundreds of hours of courses and over 40 years of experience is waiting for you. I have slashed the costs of my subscriptions to make this all very achievable. If you are suffering a particular financial hardship at the moment, please email me  and we can discuss possible solutions.

So, although I am no longer teaching in a physical dojo, you can join me online. Once you get started, you can set up your own study group and start your own hub, making a difference to people around you. Together we can make a difference. It is an absolute joy seeing and being a part of the changing process even of one student. I remember the incredible joy when I was working on the biggest loser, seeing the transformation of the contestants upon breaking the board.

Now it is time to give you a slight shove from the side. It is a new year, so what a great time to look at that you can achieve. Check out the Northstar Online Academy, and see how we can help you meet your short and/or long term goals.


Northstar Ju Jitsu

Northstar Ju Jitsu is also taught by senior Black Belts at their own studios'.

These are independently run from the Headquarters .Andy Dickinson Sensei is the head of and founder of Northstar Ju Jitsu and oversees the teaching of his program.

All Black Belts are graded by Andy Dickinson Sensei.