The Best Women’s Self Defence Course


Welcome to GAP.

The aim of this booklet is to teach you basic survival skills that can be used immediately.

Not only will we be learning the nitty gritty of physical self defence, we will also spend time discussing how to assess possible dangerous situations and avoid them, practising exercises such as centring, controlling fear and panic, and changing body and talk language to reflect confidence. These are aspects of personal safety that can be used long before it even gets to the physical stage.

The physical confrontation is the last stage. It is the most difficult and terrifying experience, totally against the grain of normal day to day living. It is the last stage after a number of preliminary stages have failed. But you can get through it. With even the most basic skills you are greatly increasing your chances of a positive outcome.

Indulge yourself fully. Train hard. Good Luck,

Andy Dickinson



“Women can defend themselves”

I stopped teaching the GAP program as most of my male assistants were injured during the program. Many of them were knocked out, some had to go to hospital. They wore thick protective pads including head and body guards. In the end, I could not get any male helpers. What this showed me after teaching several gap programs is once the women overcame their lack of confidence, they just let loose. Almost all the women on the program had never raised a fist before and were total beginners, yet under the right conditions, without too much coaxing were formidable.



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