Martial arts faq's

Northstar Martial Arts FAQ’s

Why do people do martial arts?

People do martial arts for a variety of reasons. Generally, martial arts is synonymous with self-defence and you could say that is the reason that they come in to. But when you get below the surface and you find out a little bit more about your students, you realise that different people come in for different reasons.

Students get into martial arts because it’s an ancient tradition that gives you self-defence techniques, gives you peace of mind, confidence and self-esteem.

What martial arts training equipment is needed for lessons?

For your first class shorts and a t shirt is fine.  At Northstar, we give a free uniform with the cost of the membership. It’s not an expensive uniform. It’s a light cotton uniform that can be used. I think that it’s important not to have a huge commitment financially, when you first start up in martial arts.

Later on is you want to try sparring for less than $100 you can purchase sparring gear though this is not compulsory.

What are the benefits of martial arts for children?

Martial arts is synonymous with self-defence, so if you’re learning good martial art, you should be getting good self-defence training.

The by-product of martial arts for children and the focus for children is not just on self-defence,  but it’s on giving them a sense of confidence that they can then go out to the world with a sense of knowledge and understanding that they are going to be okay.

Confidence, self-esteem, respect, discipline, courage are some of the finer points which are discussed with children through the class. I think the biggest gift you can give a child is the sense of awareness, so they can choose the correct outcome in any situation. It gives them a sense of right and wrong. It also gives them the ability to be able to pause and see the situations clearly for what they are. The best response to violence is to walk away with confidence and head held high.

What are the benefits of martial arts for adults?

Martial arts can be learned for self-defence, which gives self-esteem, confidence and the ability to be able to hold your head high in difficult circumstances.

The ultimate defence training in martial arts is conflict resolution, whereby whether you’re in the workplace, whether you have a conflict with someone in the street,  a conflict with your spouse, your son, your training partner, that you can have a positive outcome, based on clarity, knowledge and wisdom.

Does regular training keep me fit?

As a general rule, martial arts will keep you very fit, but level of fitness depends on the system of martial arts. Many students are cancelling their gym membership and just do Northstar martial arts, because the Northstar training keeps you in great shape.

What are Martial arts belts and how does the grading system work?

One of the great things about martial arts, that separates it from other forms of exercise and training, is the fact that you have tangible goals to go for. You will see great improvement in your technique, fitness and mental state as you improve by going through the belts on your way to black belt.

Gradings are every 6 weeks. You will need between 10 and 20 classes depending on your belt level. Three to six months of training should get them to a beginner or to intermediate level, to somewhere around the green belt. Again, depending on the system, 12 months should be around the blue belt level. 24 months should be around the brown belt level.

The amount of training available in full-time studios these days, there’s no reason why a student cannot go from white belt to black belt within two to three years, four being probably the norm. Children are a little bit different. The children’s grading is, again, a metaphor for achieving set goals and applying them to everything they do.

What will I learn?

    From the first lesson you will learn basic self-defense that can be used immediately.

You will learn how to

  • Fight effectively using punching and kicking
  • Control your attacker immediately by avoiding his strikes
  • Deliver powerful kicks and punches of your own.
  • Throw your opponent to the ground.
  • Easily control your attacker using a series of holds locks and chokes.
  • Meditation and relaxation.

Each class involves

  • Full set of stretching exercises
  • All round body conditioning
  • Cardiovascular fitness.
  • “Safety is stressed from the start; all classes are run by experienced, fully qualified instructors.”

Can I join any time or should I book in?

  • We encourage you to call, discuss your needs then book in for an intro class.
  • Classes are on going and new enrolments are always accepted. Classes are designed to cater for beginners and experienced martial artists.

How much does it cost?

The cost of classes vary depending on how many times a week you train, but generally for once a week it is $40 per fortnight. There is a $100 membership fee which includes a free uniform.

How long are the classes?

The adults’ class is for 60 minutes.

Kids classes vary from 30 to 50 minutes depending on age.

Where are the classes?

The Northstar Ju Jitsu HQ is at:
372 Darling St Balmain.

We have clubs through out Sydney and Perth.

What is the best age to start martial arts?

Children can start from as young as three.

We have a transition class for 14 to 16 year olds that is short and intense. From this class, when they are ready they can start to train with the adults.

Adults of all ages are training at Northstar. It is not uncommon to see students over the age of 50 going for black belt.

How many times a week should I train?

It really depends on your schedule. For children we recommend once per week, for adults we have classes every day of the week.

Are there any requirements before I join?

No. Martial arts class is generally open to anyone of any particular fitness level or physical ability. Having said that, I think the most important thing is, if you can get yourself out of bed in the morning and walk out the front door, then I think you should be okay to attend most martial arts classes

Is martial arts safe?

In this day and age, martial arts is, as a general rule is safe.

The minimum requirement for a martial arts instructor is a National Coaching Accreditation Scheme Level 1 or Level 2, being affiliated with an association also requires insurance. There is also, for most martial arts instructors there is a pre-requisite for Certificate III, Certificate IV in Martial Arts Coaching.

At Northstar the trainers need  to have the minimum level  coaching accreditation and a Working with children check, a police check and a First Aid certificate.

What is the ratio men to women?

Our classes are well attended by both girls and boys in the children’s classes and men and women in the adult’s classes. We have both male and female trainers.

What should I wear?

To your first class wear light work out gear; shorts, trackies, T shirt. We don’t wear shoes in class. Once you start training regularly you will receive a white uniform as part of the membership package.

Can learning martial arts good for women’s self-defence?

Women are becoming more and more involved in martial art due to the great self defence aspect and also many are attracted to the sense of confidence and well being gained from training.

Northstar Ju Jitsu

Northstar Ju Jitsu is also taught by senior Black Belts at their own studios'.

These are independently run from the Headquarters .Andy Dickinson Sensei is the head of and founder of Northstar Ju Jitsu and oversees the teaching of his program.

All Black Belts are graded by Andy Dickinson Sensei.