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"I am so excited about sharing my martial art with you. It is my hope that Northstar Ju Jitsu will transcend borders and attitudes and unite people of all cultures in peace"


Why the Mastery Course?

The online NSJJ courses include individual belt courses from beginner to Black Belt and my Mastery Subscription which is the home to all my short and long courses, all belt levels as well as the “Meditation” and the “Reduce Stress and Feel Great program.” The Trainer Program is also on the NSJJ Mastery subscription.

All of the Lite subscription courses are included in Mastery. You are also included in my live-streamed master classes exclusive to Mastery subscription members for no extra cost.

There will be more material and many private teachings added regularly also exclusive to the Mastery subscription. All of my podcast interviews will soon only be available to the NSJJ Mastery subscription.

NSJJ - Lite

$25 / month

  • All belt levels
  • Easy and fast
  • New Videos added
  • Short Videos of the most important moves
  • Cancel anytime

NSJJ - Mastery

$49 / month

  • All the belt levels
  • Cancel anytime
  • Complete access to all courses
  • Everything you need to become a black belt
  • Normally $708 - Start up yearly special $499

After 40 years of development, Northstar Ju Jitsu is now accessible for the first time on our on-line learning academy.

A tool that you can take with you and watch and study from any device, anywhere in the world. It is a great companion to take with you on your martial arts journey.

“You can get your Black Belt” 
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"Everything you need to know to get you started on your journey towards your Black Belt."



I find the NSJJ academy online has helped excel my training in so many ways. Its invaluable to be able to reference techniques when and where I seek guidance for each belt level.

It’s the next best thing to having private training with Andy Sensei. The courses are well structured and presents techniques in a logical sequence based on the formalised curriculum.

I particularly enjoy the history component and the 40 years of experience and knowledge handed down by Sensei. It has lead me to a greater appreciation and respect for Martial Arts and its evolution to today’s application.

Stephanie L.



If you cannot get to an official Northstar Ju Jitsu Dojo, that is not a problem as the courses are designed to be able to teach you the information, then give you the opportunity to test with me personally one on one for your next belt.

I have designed great programs that I believe are as good, if not better than being taught by me in a physical dojo. The courses retain all of the essential qualities of a martial arts school at the same time, if you choose are zero contact. This is a great alternative in these current covid 19 times.

If subscriptions are not your thing, you can purchase all the belt levels individually.



Northstar Ju Jitsu immortalises the spirit of the ancient samurai in modern society. The program is a newer, evolved approach to martial arts and life relevant to our society and culture. The evolution of two of Japans most famous Ju Jitsu schools, Daito Ryu Aiki Ju Jutsu the school Aikido was founded upon and Tenjin Shin Yo Ryu Ju Jutsu, the school Judo was founded upon.

The courses have detailed descriptions of all the techniques that you do in a regular class. Presented on easy to follow documents, photo’s, video and audio. It starts from the most basic techniques like the correct way to tie your belt and how to do the ready stance and fighting stance correctly. The basics are the foundations of your martial arts experience. I constantly refer to basic technique and still practise my moves as much as possible. This course has all that you need for learning martial arts online courses, learning Jujitsu online courses, online martial arts lessons and online martial arts training.

Your academy is such a valuable tool – I passed my first grading on the weekend, thanks in a big part to the videos and material in the course! Michael.

Hi Andy Sensei. Working through this great resource. Thank you for creating such a great system and providing us with the tools to train anywhere.