If we all look back over our lives we probably can all remember a time when we were bullied or were even the bullies. Its only now that we actually recognise it and give it a name, but that does not necessarily stop it from happening, in fact, it has always been there and probably always will. Its one of the unfortunate acts of human nature that the ignorant and unconscious will always seek out the easiest target to vent their fear and insecurity.

Bullying and adults

As parents we see it played out in the school yard, and that is only the beginning. Bullying takes place in families, in relationships, at work and on the roads. Road rage is one of the most obvious acts of bullying. How many women have been verbally harrased or assaulted by a raging bull twice their size because they were going too slow, or accidently took some one else’s parking spot. We really have come along way. Bullying can be insidious and damaging. The corporate bully will slowly and surely instigate their ultimate ego gratification by systematically tearing apart the life of a co worker in order to progress. The boss will bully a worker simply because they have a dislike of them for what ever reason. For the victim it can be a living hell.

Bullying and Children

Children really need to be able to understand exactly what is happening to them. If they have never heard of the term bullying they have no concept of how to respond. Being bullied is bad enough, not knowing how to act or communicate what is happening is where the real long term damage is done. Children that have no one to communicate their problems to, or are not made to feel secure that what ever they talk about is okay will suffer the long term effects of bullying in silence….and this will manifest for years. In reality until we all understand ourselves better bullying will always be there. The most effective way to handle it is to educate children as to what it is and then make give them ways to communicate the problem to some one they trust.

Understanding Bullying

As adults we must look at ourselves first. Are we teaching our children about bullies yet are we bullies ourselves with out even realising. Am I bullying my partner, do I bully people at work, do I bully waiters by the way I talk down to them, do I bully the homeless person that asks me for money, what are the long term reprocussions to the way I aggressively communicate, will it be the final straw that breaks some one that has been subject to years of fear and insecurity because of constantly being the victim. You can break the incredibly damaging  cycle of adult bullying from the moment you read this report.

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