Is online the end of excellence?


Is online the end of excellence as we know it.

There is no doubt that the buy before you see mode of making a purchase has its risks. As it cuts out the entire pre-sale checks and the seller can sell you whatever they see fit. I know that Liz and I have made some purchases that have left us shaking our heads. The product has been terrible.

There is a real trust involved when you make a sale online. A trust that you are relying on the seller to uphold their end of the bargain. But many do not. They resell damaged or used goods then make it really difficult to get an exchange or refund. Is this the end of excellence in business? Is excellence and the expectation of receiving a quality service a thing of the past? I think it is.

I run an integrity-based business. Integrity is so important and makes sure that you never waiver from excellence, even when no one is watching. I really see great value in places where you can rate the level of service by leaving a review. This can sometimes be your only re course and the only way to ensure you are getting what you paid for.

Excellence is a great attitude and when you commit to it, it will permeate every aspect of you. The way you dress, the way you walk and the way you talk are a huge part of excellence. In this post covid era, where we are seeing a huge influx of new employees that are not getting enough training. I have called huge companies like the Commonwealth bank, and I get completely different answers to my enquiry.

Is one employee just being lazy or is it that they just do not know the answer. Coffee shops should now be excelling in their expectations from their employees, but so many do not. Their quality coffee is lousy and the food cold. At a time when you would expect these businesses to be thriving, they are shutting down and locking their doors for good. I wonder why, but what I am thinking is that during the lockdowns, small business had to really dig deep and did whatever it took to stay afloat and many where excellent and they were hungry. Now lockdowns are a thing of the past, they have a misguided view that they will just be successful without trying. And whammo, the people react and take their business elsewhere.

Andy Dickinson.

Northstar Ju Jitsu

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