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All you need to know as a white belt in Northstar Ju Jitsu. This module presented by Andy Dickinson Sensei includes detailed explanations of basic kicks and punches with photo displays and video presentations of self defence, multiple defence and ground defence. it is designed to be used in conjunction with class attendance or from anywhere in the world.

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Your academy is such a valuable tool – I passed my first grading on the weekend, thanks in a big part to the videos and material in the course!  Michael

Hi Andy Sensei. Working through this great resource. Thank you for creating such a great system and providing us with the tools to train anywhere.  James.



Northstar Ju Jitsu immortalises the spirit of the ancient samurai in modern society. The program is a newer, evolved approach to martial arts and life relevant to our society and culture. The evolution of two of Japans most famous Ju Jitsu schools, Daito Ryu Aiki Ju Jutsu the school Aikido was founded upon and Tenjin Shin Yo Ryu Ju Jutsu, the school Judo was founded upon.

FAQ Global

Developed by Andy Dickinson Sensei, Northstar Ju Jitsu integrates modern and traditional elements of Ju jitsu, into a holistic practice of self-defence, fitness and mindfulness.

Northstar Ju Jitsu teaches immediate and practical fighting skills in all ranges that can are easy to learn. Simple defensive combinations are taught in all ranges of fighting. These include distant fighting with long range kicks and punches, in close fighting with knees, elbows and standing grappling and control on the ground

After 35 years of development, Northstar Ju Jitsu is now accessible for the first time on our on-line learning academy. A tool that you can take with you and watch and study from any device, anywhere in the world. It is a great companion to take with you on your martial arts journey.

Northstar Ju Jitsu on line is a complete learning module aimed to give you a more in depth study of each belt, from White to Black. Suitable for men and women of all ages.

A great course that covers all those questions I had before my first grading. I had doubts about how to tie my belt when first starting off as well as all the etiquette that is associated to training during class. This course answers all those questions in a very well structured and clear format with great instructional videos. It’s not just for beginners , although I have been training for years I still took away several new lessons from the course and details in the technique which can be closely examined in the videos. Would recommend for new and current students! 10/10 Angus NSJJ Black Belt

The White Belt Course

The white belt course has detailed descriptions of all the techniques that you do in class. Presented on easy to follow documents, photo’s, video and audio. It starts from the most basic techniques like the correct way to tie your belt and  how to do the ready stance and fighting stance correctly. The basics are the foundations of your martial arts experience. I constantly refer to basic technique and still practise my multiple defence’s as much  as possible. This course also gets you thinking about sparring and self defence and there relevance to you. It also starts with you to track the history of NSJJ.

I am so excited about sharing my martial art with you. It is my hope that Northstar Ju Jitsu will transcend borders and attitudes and unite people of all cultures in peace.

Andy Dickinson Sensei.

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  1. Olga

    Highly recommended! These courses are very detailed and have videos, photos and quizzes to help you achieve your best on the mats. They also share the history of the system which gives you a greater appreciation for the system that Andy sensei has created.

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