Kids Testimonials


Kids Testimonials.

Lucas has really benefited from the training. His maturity and self-discipline are evident. 

Last year, he was attacked by a behaviourally disturbed child and Lucas was able to use his skills to get away, not to fight. The whole experience for him was one of a being the one in control and not a victim. This was entirely due to what he learnt with you. Please pass this on to the blackbelts and Sensei as I am sure this is what it is all about.

With thanks and best wishes


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your email. Ellie and Ira are really enjoying their lessons, thanks. They have been coming consistently each week since signing up, and they enjoy getting their little tapes on their belts because of what they represent – working towards a bigger goal.

 They like to show off some of the moves they learn in class to our family. It gives them a sense of empowerment knowing that they can perform some of these moves if they were ever in a tricky situation.

We also enjoy the little mid-class discussions. It’s a nice touch and it gives them a little food for thought.

Thanks for checking in with us!


Dear Andy, Tom, Jaren & Team,

Christian, Jayden and I wanted to thank you deeply for your support and mentorship through out the first 6 months of our martial arts journey.

I have attached a quote (via photo) which relates to the difference you three gentlemen are making to young males (I can only speak on behalf of men) through your dedicated efforts and displays of character in being patient, honourable and respectful.

You are helping all of us build in self confidence, and you are teaching all of us how to handle fear (and in one case school bullying). You help us, so that we can then help others. 

I wanted to share a story about a young punk kid and the effect his teacher had upon his future:

Thank you again for living this inspired journey, I wanted to give you confidence that you are creating a legacy through your actions every day, even if it is only with us. Your character as young men, allows me (as an old man) learn too.

With gratitude and love


Hello Andy,

Just a quick note to say a huge Thank You to North Star Martial Arts. Your team are wonderful! Marina, Fernando and Martin are such professionals who genuinely care about our Child, Stella McLaughlin, and her development in this class. Stella is thoroughly enjoying the class, and each week, I too feel excited about her learnings and feedback on the session. She looks forward to it with high anticipation.

On Saturdays, she does Jazz and Tap  Dancing, which my husband takes her to (as I work). The two classes are really adding to her daily enjoyment and discovery of herself and her little world, and helping us to raise her as a multidimensional, well rounded person, caring for her inner and outer self as best as we/she can.

I’ve just completed your Survey, thankyou for sending it to parents/carers. Feedback is foundational for growth and we appreciate you asking for it.

Your email also notified that we can take up missing sessions, so I’ll call Marina to book those in shortly. Due to travel (searching for Primary schools in Melbourne),  and illness, we have missed two sessions, so I appreciate the offer of make up sessions – very kind.

Please pass on my gratitude to Marina, Fernando, Martin. Gratitude also to Liz, who called a few weeks back to check in with us and Stella’s experience of the class.

It meant a lot.

Best wishes and gratitude,


Incredible influence

Drew and Martin have had an incredible influence on Atlas in the short time he has been coming. He was quite withdrawn and lacking confidence. He was finding it difficult to play with other children and hurting his little brother a lot. 6 months later he is now playing with lots of children, speaking up if play gets rough with other kids and not hurting his little brother. He talks often about Drew and Martin and says ‘What would Mr Drew do?’ if something is hard or scary.

You have amazing teachers and Atlas and ourselves will miss your classes greatly. I hope to find somewhere else to provide such strong male role models for our kids outside of their father.


All instructors are brilliant.

For me I had a hyperactive child who has an ADHD dad (well mostly when he was a child!) who I needed to calm down. I also wanted to improve his concentration, teach him to take instruction especially in preparation for school, and gain self defence skills. Lastly I wanted an activity where the instructors are particularly ‘switched on’ and understand child behaviour and how to interact with, motivate and challenge them…your team are all these things!

These are your biggest selling points, linking the benefits with school in my view, especially for boys where parents maybe more anxious having seen girls talking, writing and concentrating before them!


I’m stoked he’s going actually.

He has his father’s ADHD which can be a real gift under pressure, but something modern “never say no” education doesn’t help much.  He’s super smart (taught himself 4 different alphabets by 3), but uncoordinated and preschool hasn’t helped his listening skills at all. Since going to martial arts, and despite progressing a bit slower than the other kids, his comprehension, listening and communication skills have improved immensely! He’s even climbing trees now which he didn’t have the confidence for before hand.

From what I can see, the program there is a great balance of kindness with firmness and perfect school prep for busy little brains like Caleb’s. I’m particularly impressed you guys won’t hand out belts when kids aren’t ticking all the boxes. Important life lesson, especially at that age and with the lack of it at schools!

Keep doing what you’re doing mate.


Extremely proud

,I am have one of the Managers of the girl’s Balmoral Nippers for the past 4 years and cannot speak highly enough about your program.Both Shanay and myself are extremely proud and pleased to be part of the Northstar Family!

I am a single father and Shanay’s primary residence is not in the Sydney CBD so we are not able to benefit from the extra classes because her visitation is limited to fortnightly weekends.Which your program has been so accommodating, which we both very much appreciate.

 Shanay is extremely eager to attend as many classes as she possible can to qualify for her gradings; for her she cannot attend as much as she would like to!

She loves it, and would attend more if she could!

 I couldn’t agree more with the principles you have described and demonstrated in your emails.

 Kind Regards, Shanay and James

Wonderful efforts, support and guidance

I wanted to write the to show our appreciation of your wonderful efforts, support and guidance in instructing our three boys..“We have been attending Northstar martial arts for nearly three years. From that first lesson three years ago we have enjoyed the support, the discipline, the fun and the friendships both our children and us as parents have made through Northstar Martial Arts with the instructors and fellow parents. In that time my elder boy has had over 200 lessons and now completed his purple belt with Bright Stars and now trains with the Super Stars. My two younger boys train with the Bright Stars and are Yellow and Red belts, and my daughter will join Bright Stars when she is old enough.

Northstar Martial arts has been wonderful in providing my three boys with great roles models for life, given them excellent fitness levels and teachers them strength of mind knowing that whilst they now know how to fight they know that they don’t need to fight.. thank you to Andy and your whole team“

Ed and Steph

Terrific grading

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for a terrific grading last Sunday at North Sydney.
Ben is so proud of himself for gaining his Junior Black Belt. It is wonderful to see him achieve something he has worked so hard towards, through hard work and dedication.  A huge thank you to Angus and Carlos for working with him towards this.
We look forward to seeing him continue to grow and develop at Northstar.
Thank you and kind regards

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