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Executing Major Kicks in Taekwondo – Part Two

In our last blog, we discussed two out of the five major kicks of Taekwondo. Let’s learn executing the remaining three kicks in this form of martial art:

Hooking Kick

This kick begins like a side kick. Position yourself to the side of your target. Lift your knee of the kicking foot by bending in front and extend your leg while moving it forward. Maintain your balance while doing so, or you’ll fail and fall over. Unlike a side kick, the hooking kick moves forward at this stage. Bring your foot back to complete the hooking motion. Reevaluate your target at this stage. In case your opponent has moved since you initiated this kick, you have the choice to raise, lower or shift your kick. Now is the time to make contact with your target! You can hit with the heel or with the sole of your foot.

Back Kick

The accurate position for executing this kick is to have your back to your opponent. You can perform this kick with both legs and make sure you have enough room to extend your leg to its fullest. Bring your knee to your chest so that you have more room to extend, thus add momentum to your kick. Complete this action quickly, leaving no time for your target to be aware of your intention. Back kicks do not work higher in the air. Extend your leg to the middle or lower section of your target. To balance yourself perfectly, be prepared that while executing this kick your weight will shift towards the toes of your feet. Make contact with your target and hit with the heel of your foot.

Roundhouse Kick

This is the most effective Taekwondo kick. Your target should be lined up the side of your body. The power of the roundhouse kick comes from the rotation of the foot, so turn your standing foot inwards. Practice this step as it requires great balance! To add power, bend the knee of the kicking foot while you turn. Extend your leg and make contact with your target. Do not use your heel for making contact, like all other kicks. Make use of the ball or instep of your foot to make contact.

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