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If you’re looking for BJJ Western Sydney, take a look at Northstar Martial Arts in Balmain. Northstar JJ takes a lot of it’s moves from BJJ to form a uniquely Australian form of Ju Jitsu.

Brazilian Ji Jitsu is one of the most renowned martial arts, combat sport as well as a self defence system that addresses all areas of fighting without the need of cross training. The art applies knowledge on a range of movements laying emphasis on ground fighting and grappling. Brazilian Ji Jitsu dates back in the early 20th Century Japanese martial arts of Kodokan Judo. It is now very popular in the present world and according to students at Northstar Martial Arts in bjj Western Sydney, it is not only enjoyable but also helps you to keep fit and achieve healthy weight.

What the Art Teaches

When you enrol for a class at BJJ Western Sydney, you will be taken through some self defence mechanisms that you can apply to take your enemy to the ground. The secret of this art is that you need to understand leverage and apply the right techniques such as chokeholds and joint locks. When taking part in mixed martial arts competitions, the knowledge of Brazilian Ji Jitsu can be very helpful.

BJJ Style of Fighting

This type of martial arts allows different kind of techniques to bring the assailant on the ground. However, to ensure that you take the assailant to the ground without many challenges, you need to take advantage of the ground fighting techniques as well as submission holds which requires use of joint locks and choke holds. Enrolling a class at BJJ Western Sydney will not only equip you with the skills that you need to fight but also with confidence.


If you need to be an expert in Brazilian Ji Jitsu, you need to train with the best. Northstar Martial arts offer excellent training to the students at BJJ Western Sydney. The classes are available for those who wish to learn about some self defence mechanisms, keep fit or take part in mixed martial arts tournaments. They are also grouped in terms of what you what to achieve to ensure that you get the best from the trainer.

Health Benefits

Brazilian Ji Jitsu offer many benefits to both adults and kids who take part in the training of the art. You can be able to acquire physical fitness and lose the unnecessary weight through the art. Another benefit of the art is the fact that it helps to relieve stress and prevent some diseases such as heart stroke, high blood pressure and obesity. Training in BJJ western Sydney makes you feel accomplished, something that brings much joy to the heart.

Brazilian Ji Jitsu is a great way to exercise and learn some vital skills. What more, it helps to instil confidence and discipline to both kids and adults. Northstar Ju Jitsu incorporates BJJ into it’s syllabus along with a few other forms to get the best form of martial arts for modern life.

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