Making a Good Class Great

Follow these rules and go from a “good instructor” to an “exceptional presenter” pack your classes and retain students for life.



Have you ever wondered why some Instructors are incredibly popular yet they are only teaching the most basic class exercises and material?

Teaching anything is more than just passing on knowledge, information and material. When you realise that each time you teach a group of clients you are actually passing on part of yourself, part of your life force, it doesn’t really matter what the content is.

The client/student will come to class simply to experience YOU. If your intention and message is strong the clients will feel it. So it is not so much on what you teach, but how you teach it. Positive personal empowerment attracts! Pass it on and make an incredible difference.

You are totally unique. Use what YOU are and what YOU know as a positive energy force.

There is no use spending huge dollars on marketing if your clients are leaving because the product is not great. Great classes are taught by great instructors. Remember we only ever have the client from class to class. Every client in the class, from beginners to the more experienced must leave on a high, feeling they have been revitalised and empowered and taking away something useful that they have learned in class.

Follow these rules and go from a “good instructor” to an “exceptional presenter” pack your classes and retain students for life.


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