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The benefits of training at Northstar are outstanding.  One of the great side effects of training is the incredible changes in body shape. This includes losing weight and gaining muscle.

I weighed in at 107 kilos

A little over a year ago, I started training at North Sydney with Ben and Ed. At the time my fitness had slipped to an all time low, I weighed in at 107 kilos, my waist had blown out to 42 inches and I couldn’t run 100 yards without gasping for breath and feeling dizzy.With the goals and steady training of Northstar, in the last year I have dropped fifteen kilos in weight and 8 inches from my waist. At the weekend I competed in my first triathlon, which although only a super sprint event would have been unthinkable a year ago.

Heart felt thank you

I just wanted to drop you a quick but heart felt thank you on this personal anniversary to thank you, Ed, Ben, Darren and all the Northstar team for making such a big difference in my life and in my health. This would not have been possible without the Northstar foundation of perseverance and the incredible work that our trainers put in week after week.
While I still have a way to go, I look forward to seeing my improvements over the next year, and look forward to my ongoing training. Matt

Avoid at least one potentially fatal incident

I would like to say that Northstar has given me a better understanding of life and conflict, responsibility, situational awareness, escape and avoiding violence (among others), and I am grateful for this as these are lessons I will never forget (and have already used to avoid at least one potentially fatal incident).
With respect, Benjamin

I’ve lost over 10k’s.

I just wanted to say that the session at North Sydney last night with Jack and Vaughan was great!! – I felt so pumped after class!
North Star is honestly the best accidental diet plan I have ever had!
Since I’ve trained with you I’ve lost over 10k’s. Thanks so much for the body transformation, excellent training and the massive boost to my confidence, both inside and outside the dojo.
Keep up the great work!  Christina

I have lost 28 kilos and weigh the lightest I have in some 15 years.

After years of being in the legal profession I had put on a lot of weight. I approached Northstar Martial Arts with a view to shed a few kilos and to better manage my stress. I found the staff and instructors friendly, approachable and willing to help.  I have been at Northstar for just over two years now and love the classes. So far I have lost 28 kilos and weigh the lightest I have in some 15 years.

I am now determined to get my black belt. I did not start with this goal in mind, but it is hard not to embrace the encouragement and positive energy at Northstar.  After an intense class I feel like I can achieve anything.

I thank Andy Sensei and his team of world class instructors for their kindness and constant encouragement.  Cheers,  Ersel

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The essence of Andy's teaching is correct martial arts training is a great method of personal growth. It can be studied on the surface to get fit and learn self-defense and it can also lead to incredible changes in self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and self knowledge.

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