Can I get a Black Belt?

black belt

Can I get a black belt?

Every student that walks into Northstar has different strengths and weaknesses. Some are older some are younger, some really fit and strong, other smaller and less athletic. When you look at what is required for black belt, you have to realise that the we are not all the same. If you are young fit and strong and love to fight, we will shape a grading and graduation that suits that, if you are older, and more interested in Self Defence then that is how your advanced gradings will be prepared. We look at the individual and shape the advanced testing so that your strengths are enhanced and you get the absolute advantage in learning to defend yourself based on your own physical ability.

Going for grading

So please don’t compare yourself to other students and believe that is what is expected of you, that would just be unfair. Going for gradings at Northstar is setting short term goals and steadily working towards them based on your needs and physical capabilities. Accepting that there may be challenges along the way, not making excuses, living a moral martial arts code and overcoming mental limitations. Expecting in the Black belt test that everyone has to do 50 break falls and 20 rounds of sparring is not a reality. Our syllabus is so comprehensive that you may not have to do any break falls but your multiple defence and self defence moves may be the focus of your grading.

Body mind and spirit

We want you to be fit; body mind and spirit. Enjoy a fast dynamic work out of sweat and spirit, have fun and enjoy the experience and really more than anything believe that you can be really really proficient at martial arts and self defence purely based on what you are physically capable of achieving.



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The essence of Andy's teaching is correct martial arts training is a great method of personal growth. It can be studied on the surface to get fit and learn self-defense and it can also lead to incredible changes in self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and self knowledge.

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